G'day, and welcome to my website.

It's pleasing to be able to share my photographs with you.

I have been involved in photography as a serious hobby for 60 years and have derived a lot of enjoyment from it and made a great number of good friends.

There is no point in taking photographs unless you share them with others and that is my objective in creating this site.

 I plan to feature images that I have had sucess with in National and International Exhibitions together with others that I simply enjoy.


Paintings.     I have added a page to display some of the paintings I have been doing in recent times, a way to go but I am getting there slowly. 


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    This is the point of the exercise. Take a look.

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    Leave me a note, If you have any advice or comments I would love to hear them.

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    This is the area where I am supposed to tell the world how good I am, I'm not sure I will bother. JohnN

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    Have a look at my attempt at becoming an artist. At least I can say I have been trying.

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